working in germany

Some Key Facts & Figures

Population: 80.5 million, including 6.6 million foreign nationals
Capital: Berlin
Five key cities: Berlin (3.4m inhabitants), Hamburg (1.7m inhabitants), Munich (1.4m inhabitants), Cologne (1m inhabitants), Frankfurt am Main (680,000 inhabitants)
Time zone: CET
Telephone country code: +49
Currency: euro (€1 = 100 cents)


As a place to live and work, Germany consistently ranks among the top five countries worldwide.

In a list of the “world’s top 10 most attractive cities to live in”, compiled by the consulting company Mercer, there are three German entries: Düsseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt. The ranking is based on the following criteria: political stability, crime rate, economic conditions, individual freedom, press freedom, healthcare, the school system, housing, pollution, and leisure facilities.

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