INTERVIEW coaching

Our professional coaches in Berlin und other European cities provide intensive coaching for all candidates. Practice makes perfect and we will work with you until we are confident that you are ready to conduct a successful interview with a future employer. This training is free of charge for all job seekers.  


Is there a strict dress code?
We all know that there is no such thing as a second first impression! Although there is no strict dress code for interviews in the healthcare sector, we advise candidates to find a comfortable balance between casual and formal.

The interviewer’s first questions will focus on your qualifications and professional experience. You will be expected to explain the main stages of your career to date. Our interview trainers will help you here.

Professional qualifications
The interviewer will ask specific questions about your qualifications in order to ensure that your skills are suitable for the position advertised.  

Motivation is very important to an employer. He will probe to find out if you are really interested in the job.

Personal profile  
An employer also needs to be sure that a candidate is a team player and able to cope with stress. Prepare examples of how you coped with stressful problems in previous work environments.

Do you have any questions?
You should prepare a number of questions to ask the employer. This will underline your interest in the organization and the job on offer.

Don’t worry! Our expert coaches will help you prepare well in advance of the interview.